• White-Washed; Brain-Washed

    I have not written in nearly a year. A lot of my ideas for essays come before I fall asleep, but since the current President […]

  • Classic(al) Sexual Harassment


  • Sending the Wrong Message


  • Opera At 8500 Feet


  • #TalkToMe -- an Actor Son Questions His Opera Singer Mom

    My 27-year-old son, Ben Landmesser, is an actor in Los Angeles and had some interesting questions of me as an artist and as a son. […]

  • Travelers Lament

    In the film <em>Grand Hote</em>l Greta Garbo, portraying a ballet dancer on the road, has her famous lines: "I am tired" and "I want to be alone". I get it. I really do. […]

  • For a Song

    This past week I had the privilege to perform some songs by the composer Gustav Mahler. His music has spoken to me since I first discovered it while in college. The reason for this sometimes hard to articulate; his choice of words, musical phrases, the joy of singing some of these exquisite lines. I cannot justly put words to the intangible. […]

  • My Life and Guns

    Writing about the arts seems light-weight at the time of extreme violence. I cannot sit silently anymore regarding the tragic events of the past few days in San Bernardino, Paris and elsewhere. […]

  • Opera's Blurred Lines

    I just completed a week singing chamber music and song repertoire that was composed for men. It was a bit of a struggle because the vocal part, even though an octave higher, still did not sit quite right. It made me think of gender and what I do. […]

  • "In Their Own Words," Part III


  • PART 2: The Black Classical Singer Experience

    So, I was reading a Facebook posting by one singer who happened to comment on how he customarily looks, from the stage to the audience, for other Black faces. This struck me because it is an added dimension to the singer experience that I never thought about, which led me to start a very frank discussion with quite a few singers. […]

  • In Their Own Words Part I- The Black Classical Singer Experience


  • Breaking the Sound Barrier

    I go around and around about classical music and opera not being popular, especially with younger audiences. It really bugs me. How do you get them to enjoy it and not make it feel so foreign? […]

  • Too Close to Home

    I did not know Oleg Bryjak or Maria Radner. These are two of the victims who perished in the recent Germanwings plane crash. They were opera singers doing what we all do -- traveling to or from engagements. […]

  • Dollars and No Sense

    What I really have trouble getting my head around is how little our society and our country seems to value artists. Is it because we assume that anyone who would do anything for the love of it should believe that is compensation enough? […]

  • Virtually Challenged

    I miss reading the LP covers and the CD booklets. It is not dissimilar to reading the newspaper online. I miss the overall experience of seeing the entire page and reading little things I might miss online. […]

  • A Song to Sing with My Brothers and Sisters

    I saw at an early age that through singing one could stand up for the rights of the many. What I realize now is that I longed to do something for the greater good through singing and that this was a part of what the folk movement and protest song genre accomplished. […]

  • Now and Then

    I have to believe that if I had the access to social networking and the Internet that exists today, I would have experienced less isolation. […]

  • I'm Still Here

    I understand that this is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Here is my story. […]

  • Save the Met #weareopera

    Now the Metropolitan Opera, my home for over 20 years of my 34-year career, is in the final hours of labor negotiations. We have been told there will be a lockout starting at midnight Thursday evening when the fiscal year closes. […]

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